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200 Years eResource for Teachers

These resources

  • Curated historical information with links to relevant websites, images, videos, ebooks and other resources

  • Teaching points, learning intentions and success criteria

  • Video based tutorials on creating artefacts using technology

  • A form for teachers to gather student artefacts/learning in engagement with the 200 years celebration that will be published to the 200 years Google site

1820 - 1885 Parramatta

Celebrating 200 years of Catholic education in the Diocese of Parramatta
This resource is only available for CEDP teachers.

Gold, Incense and Change 1850 - 1901

Celebrating 200 years of Catholic Education of Parramatta - 1850- 1900
This resource is only available for CEDP teachers.

RE and HSIE Curriculum Resources

RE and HSIE Curriculum Links - 200 YEARS

Stage 3 History Inquiry Course

In the celebration of 200 years of Catholic Education in the Parramatta Diocese, an online Canvas course has been created so that you and your students can discover the significant people, groups, and events that have helped to shape our community into what it is today.

The course is an inquiry into our past and develops students’ historical skills, as well as knowledge and understanding of Stage 3 History outcomes. Resources include access to digital citizenship protocols, tools to foster assessment capable learners, clarity around expectations, and a link to the comprehensive Diocesan eResource.

We hope you enjoy this learning journey with your students and look forward to viewing all of the incredible learning that occurs, evidenced in an authentic final product.

You can access the course HERE and by contacting the Contemporary Learning Frameworks Team who can also provide you with further details regarding student enrolment into the course.

Jo Kirby - jkirby3@parra.catholic.edu.au

Jeff Phillips - jphillips3@parra.catholic.edu.au

Colonial Monologues - Creativity Links

200 Years MONOLOGUES - KLA Creativity Links

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